Egyptian Albino skin whitening cream
Egyptian Albino skin whitening cream
Egyptian Albino skin whitening cream
Egyptian Albino skin whitening cream
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Egyptian Albino skin whitening cream

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All safe yet extreme whitening cream with natural organic ingredients formulated to give you clearer, smoother whiter uniform skin. Will clear knuckles, knees and elbows. Can use on face and body. You won’t experience any reactions or redness. This is for those of you that have a hard time whitening your skin with products. This is the cream for you. This cream does it all and is at your service. No serum needed no whitening soap needed. It will clear all of your skin imperfections and remove all discolorations and wrinkles (for anti-aging as well) where you’ll be one uniform whiter color. Very little goes a long way. Extreme on closing pores. You won't need to wear makeup once you achieve full results because that is how good the cream will have your skin looking. A small jar can last a month. If used on face only a small jar can last 3-5 months. Only a dime size should be used on face. Thats all it takes. If your skin is hard to whiten due to thick skin, this is the cream at your service. It is a must that you will whiten 10 shades natural and safe.
Please note this cream is moisturizing and a little oily but the oils will soak deep into pores of skin. Won’t cause green veins and will produce million dollar looking skin. This product is in high demand and frequently sells out fast. 

Things it will do to your skin:

  • Whiten extreme
  • Smooth skin
  • Collagen
  • Nourish
  • Baby skin
  • Safe
  • Wrinkle remover
  • Depuff eyes
  • Cleans dark hands and knuckles
  • Closed pores
  • Half cast 
  • Removes Stretch marks (Even the large red ones)

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