Skin Whitening Oil Skin Whitening Extreme Instant High Intense Whitening Oil
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Skin Whitening Oil Skin Whitening Extreme Instant High Intense Whitening Oil

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10+ shades. Extreme whitening. 

This is our skin whitening oil that removes dark colored hyper pigmented skin. Just apply a small dime size to desired area and massage into skin. 

It will leave skin velvety smooth and much whiter.  It smoothes, whitens, brightens anti-aging, and clears acne. This oil is designed to whiten and brighten skin to the extreme safely and effectively. This oil will leave your skin evenly colored all over with a whiter brighter glow. With varying with each individual, upon research and studies on this oil, results can start being seen in 1 weeks with glowy skin. Your skin will look natural and healthy without looking overly bleached, but beautiful whiter brighter skin, which is what most skincare users want out of their skin. Whiter, brighter anti-aging skin. Who would not want that. This extreme whitening oil is also great at removing dark spots, hyperpigmentation, scars, skin imperfections etc. 

Directions: Clean skin with a mild cleanser after bath/shower. Allow skin to dry, on the face pat dry to prevent from pulling the skin on the face which can cause wrinkles. Do not wash face with hot water. Try to make sure water is cool as possible. Warm is ok as well on the face. Then apply a small portion of oil on face and body. You can do this twice a day. When going outside be sure to apply a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 to prevent from skin damage due to the outside environment. SPF in sunscreens are used to protect the skin from harmful rays from the sun, which can damage the skin, so protection is a must to keep your skin beautiful and glowy. When using at night, try to apply an hour before getting in the bed. This allows the oil to absorb into your skin without being wiped off from your bed sheets. The oil absorbs fast so it will not leave you looking oily.

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